Selling a Home in the Edmonton Area

Vanishing Act

Selling your home, like magic

There are a lot of options when selling your home – everything from a full-service REALTOR® to a DIY FSBO (for sale by owner) to that murky fixed-fee, cash-upfront, high-volume (read: hands-off) brokerage area in between. It can all feel a little overwhelming.

As someone who’s been on both sides of a home sale, I can tell you with confidence that this isn’t the time to cut corners.

With a transaction this big, you want a true partner – someone who’ll reduce your stress, provide expert guidance, steer you through challenges, avoid costly mistakes, and negotiate the best price.

That partner is me.

As your Realtor, I’ll help you navigate the many steps to selling a home, starting with a thorough tour of your property. I’ll note the layout, condition, upgrades, and any unique features to create a free market evaluation. I’ll look at current properties for sale (your competition) as well as recently sold properties (what the market will pay) to find out what your home is worth today. Best of all, it costs you nothing but your time!

At our next meeting, we’ll review the numbers, walk through the selling process (your comfort is everything), discuss professional photography, and review staging tips. I’ll also provide you with a seller’s checklist that will give you the peace of mind of knowing nothing has been overlooked. From legal documents to property reports, house requirements to contract considerations, it’s all about preventing unwelcome surprises and ensuring you’re as prepared as possible.

Of course, there’s also the vital matter of setting a price – and I’ll demystify that, too. Looking at the key factors of location, home condition, current market, and rival properties, I can help you set the right price with the strongest marketing strategy behind it. You can also bet on my expert negotiation skills to land the best offer, in the shortest time, with the least inconvenience.

Ultimately, a successful selling process comes down to working with the right person.

Thinking about selling a home in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan or surrounding area? You can count on me to anticipate every bend in the road, manage timelines to keep you on schedule, provide suggestions for trusted service providers, and support you through the key-release and beyond. Put simply, I’m committed to saving you time, money and Tylenol.

That’s my kind of magic.

Ready to make your worries disappear? Call or text me at 780-416-0070 to get every advantage when selling a home.

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