When relocating to Edmonton, Alberta, there are three things you should know: you’re now an Oilers fan (Connor McDavid is basically our mayor); there are nearly as many festivals as there are pick-up trucks; and you’re going to absolutely love living here. You just need to decide where!

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important moments in your life, and you deserve to be your authentic self from start to finish – without hesitation. When the stakes are as large as feeling comfortable in your own home, it makes a huge difference to work with an inclusive gay REALTOR® who’s part of Edmonton’s LGBTQ2S+ community. Someone who gets it.

Buying your first home isn’t like shopping on Amazon, where you can read the description, look at a few photos, and purchase in a single click – although some would lead you to believe that. Truth is, finding a house is a lot more complicated, requiring everything from market evaluations to title search, property inspections to legal representation.

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