Why use a REALTOR®

Buying or selling a home is a lot like skydiving for the first time: it seems straightforward enough, until it’s time to take the big leap. That’s when you realize the the high cost of even the smallest mistakes, and the value of having an expert behind you.

As your REALTOR®, it’s my job to look at the purchase or sale of your home from every angle, making sure nothing is overlooked. You can expect precision, expertise, professionalism, strategic troubleshooting and honesty. Because when you’re dealing with a transaction this important, anything less than total peace of mind is unacceptable.

Here are my Top 7 reasons to work with a Realtor:

  1. Expertise: Real estate is highly complex, requiring intricate knowledge of everything from the market to the law. Working with an expert who understands your rights, and has your best interests at heart, sets you up for success – and helps avoid costly errors and delays.

  2. Objective guidance: Where you see your dream house, a Realtor might see years of expensive repairs and insurance woes. I’ll guide you through a property objectively and help ensure that you know what you’re getting into.

  3. Strategy: There’s far more to real estate than putting an ad online. My industry contacts, prescreening techniques, tactical advice, and knowledge gives you the edge over your competition. You’ll often see houses before they even appear on the market, and be positioned to sell your own home faster – and for more money.

  4. Skillful negotiation: As a top Realtor in Edmonton, I know the art of the deal. I’ll always be in your corner, using my expertise to negotiate the best possible outcome. I get my best cardio from sweating the details!

  5. Experience: My years of experience, and commitment to staying current on laws and regulations, means you’ll never lose sleep over this high-stakes process. I’ll always be there to anticipate challenges and help you surmount them.

  6. Confidence: For most people, buying or selling a home is one of the biggest transactions of their lives – and with that, there can be a lot of uncertainty. Having a skillful, cool-headed Realtor can mean the difference between knowing you got the best deal and always wondering if you could’ve done better.

  7. Trust: Trust is at a premium these days, and handshakes don’t mean what they used to. The good news is, a Realtor is bound by a strict code of ethics that’s founded upon your protection. I’ll treat you the way I would a friend or family member, because you deserve nothing less than complete honesty and transparency.

Ready to make your move? Call or text me at 780-416-0070 and I’ll help you make the big leap with confidence.

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