What is My Home Worth?

Wondering how to estimate home value? Selling your home can feel a bit like a job interview, where you’re inviting strangers to make some pretty major value assessments. It’s a bit unnerving and not something most people are used to. But rest assured we’re in this together and I want the best for you!

Unlike a job interview, a home evaluation and value estimate aren’t personal. They’re determined by location, condition, competition, and the current market. As your REALTOR®, I’ll prepare a comparative market analysis that includes currently listed properties (your competition) and properties recently sold (what the market will pay). It’s best to price at, or ahead of, market trends.

So, when requesting a free home evaluation, keep in mind that your tax assessment isn’t a good indicator of sale price or current value, nor is what you originally paid. And in some cases, potential buyers will have their own agent prepare a market evaluation before writing an offer, making accurate pricing all the more critical. Real estate estimates are a science best separated from emotion. But you can feel confident that the right price—combined with the right marketing strategy, negotiating skills and experience—will get you the highest price, in the shortest time, with the least inconvenience. That’s my commitment to you.

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