Property tax assessments can feel a bit like being on a dating app, with strangers appraising value before even seeing the merchandise. And if you’ve just bought your first home, the experience can be especially jarring, since the assessed amount may not reflect what you paid.

What we used to think of as downsizing is now considered rightsizing, as homeowners of all ages look to declutter and live large for less. But even as the transition to a smaller place is liberating, the initial decision can be fraught with emotion—particularly for those selling the home they raised their family in.

Wondering how to estimate home value? Selling your home can feel a bit like putting your house on a dating app, then waiting to see if anyone swipes right. It’s a bit unnerving, and a little scary, to let a stranger determine what your home is worth. But rest assured we’re in this together and I want the best for you!

When there are more people selling than buying, or the local economy enters a recession, it results in what’s called a buyer’s market. While this side of the real estate cycle typically isn’t ideal for sellers, there are still ways to benefit from a buyer’s market—and in a big way!

Magicians aren’t supposed to reveal their secrets, but I’ve got a big one for you: when buying a new-construction home, you can use a REALTOR® to represent you in the deal. It won’t cost a thing—and in most cases, will even save you money!

If you’re looking to relocate and are wondering where new schools are planned in Edmonton, or whether a new school will be built in your desired community, you’ve come to the right place.

Buying or selling a home is a lot like skydiving for the first time: it seems straightforward enough, until it’s time to take the big leap. That’s when you realize the the high cost of even the smallest mistakes, and the value of having an expert behind you.

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